Leisure and sporting activities

Leisure and sporting activities

Minorca offers the visitor an unparalleled chance to combine sport with the enjoyment of nature.

Those of you who love the sea will find a wide range of options to choose from, from simply going swimming from from the many coves along the island, to more specialised activities like windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, fishing, lateen sailing or diving. You can also avail of a chance to take a sailing trip around the island and visit some of the most interesting sights along the coast. The urban areas all offer different servicesactivities for visitors such as scuba diving centres, which cater for all levels of expertise, from absolute beginner to expert, windsurfing (Fornells is the best known point for this) and the chance to try your hand at some other activities and water sports. You could also check out the many yacht and pleasure boat harbours along the coastline, Maó, Addaia, Fornells, Ciutadella or Cala en Bosc, as well as some other smaller facilities available.

Equestrian sports are also very common on the island and you can practice at any of the several hippodromes or equestrian centres to be found on the island, especially in Maó, Ferreries and Ciutadella. Go horse riding or pony trekking along country trails and paths, an excellent way to combine your favourite sport with nature watching. Horse enthusiasts have the chance to watch the horse races at the hippodromes in Maó and Ciutadella.

Cycling is popular and can be practiced on a number or secondary roads and country trails and there are programmed trips you can take either with a guide or on your own. Hiking and trekking are well catered for with trails and hikes to relish in the natural beauty of the island or for bird watching or discovering the natural habitats.

All the towns and urban areas on the island are well equipped to cater to all your sporting needs by way of the ample supply of sport’s centres, municipal swimming pools, tennis courts, among other facilities to avail of, and you can even get in a game of cricket in Sant Lluís.

Model aircraft flying is another interesting option, not to mention, if you happen to have a pilot’s license you can even take a rental aircraft up, or enjoy an organized air trip to take in the amazing view from the air, available for groups of up to 6 persons. All on offer at the Aeroclub located between Maó and Sant Lluís.

Speleology or potholing is also available and there are several opportunities both along the coast and inland, thanks to the huge number of coves and caves the sea has cut into the cliffs and ravines.

For all those golf lovers, Minorca has a golf course located in Son Parc, on the northern coast of the island. You can enjoy a round all year round as the club is open from Monday through Sunday